Latest & Greatest Smoking Cessation Course


Watch the video above and vote for your favorite tobacco-wielding character by clicking on the links that pop up!  As health and human services professionals, we’re on the front lines of people’s choices and habits, and the effects they have on people’s health.  The information we’re able to share, and the attitude with which we convey it, can make the difference to a patient or client struggling with a health issue.  No matter what area of health and human services realm we work in, we’ll almost certainly have patients or clients who smoke and many who may be trying to quit smoking.  What an impact we can have, and what an encouragement we can be, if we’re prepared with an understanding attitude and specific, helpful advice, instead of an eye roll and a warning about how bad cigarettes are for you.  This also applies if you’re the one struggling with a smoking addiction- you may be trying not to think about the harm that cigarettes are causing you because you don’t feel like you’ll ever succeed at quitting.  For your own healthier life, or for the lives of those you serve, let’s learn about some real, practical steps that people can take to quit smoking for good! You’re asking yourself how to get this knowledge. Well, look no further. We have worked tirelessly to develop a course on smoking cessation that is easy to understand, interesting and approved for continuing education credit. Before you begin watching the course we want to introduce you to our tobacco-wielding cast. We want you to give a warm round of applause to Chad, Chuck, Dan and Eric. After watching the short clip above about their wayward tobacco habits go to our Facebook Page and vote for your favorite character! It is truly our hope that you will take a closer and deeper look at tobacco abuse. Life is so short and so precious-it is sad to see lives cut short and the quality of life plummet just because of an addiction to smoking. Stand with to help eradicate the dangers of smoking.

Many people have had smoking as part of their daily ritual for so long that just trying to break a pattern of normal routines can be extremely difficult.  The absence of a habit is almost always easier to deal with when it’s replaced with a different action or habit, rather than just removed from a person’s life all together. So what are some of these replacement habits that people can use to avoid a craving?  These will be different for every person, depending on the specific role that smoking has played in their life, but here are seven common strategies that many smokers find useful:

  • Strategy 1: Chewing Gum

  • Strategy 2: Performing Alternative Activities

  • Strategy 3: Roll Your Own Cigarettes

  • Strategy 4: Save Your Money

  • Strategy 5: List Reasons to Quit

  • Strategy 6: Think of Others

  • Strategy 7: Take a Walk

To learn more about smoking cessation go now to our class entitled, Smoking Cessation: Snuffing Out the Habit and get 2 continuing education hours!