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  • “This has been one of my best CEU experiences in many years. Not only is ClickPlayCEU a wealth of knowledge and experience, but it also makes it fun and captivating. Take a chance to broaden your horizons in a entertaining and non-stress way with a personal touch.The customer support is beyond compare, only one phone call away. If you need help or have a question, they are glad to assist. I highly recommend ClickPlayCEU to everyone who has to renew their license and does not want to just cram through a few books and tests. It’s a vivid educational tool that can be completed almost anywhere.”

    Paul H.
  • “The videos are so useful and creative and a great price!”

    Christy H.
  • “As CEO of a home care agency, I appreciate being able to get my CEUs done during the off hours of my very busy work schedule. It’s also a great resource for our home care staff who need to have easy, affordable access to good training for their continuing education.”

    Joanne M.
  • Loved the videos because it makes the learning process fun, entertaining and easy to follow.

    Eva J.
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Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care

13 Lessons in , , $36.00

Emotional and psychological trauma doesn't discriminate. Trauma is so common and pervasive in our society that we must all have an approach to care that is informed and rooted in the principles and tenets of Trauma-Informed Care. Start learning now how to implement Trauma-Informed Care.

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Mastering Effective Communication

4 Lessons in , , $9.00

Communication is difficult. However, the lives of those we serve depend on us being optimal communicators. According to the Joint Commission, communication has been cited as a root cause in nearly 70% of errors in healthcare and human services settings. Learn now about mastering effective communication.

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