Educating the Planet & Empowering Those in the Healthcare, Behavioral and Human Services Industries

We provide the continuing education you need to be the best you for those you care for. ClickPlayCEU.com was created because we like people, and we want everyone to be as healthy as possible. We don’t just push our tofu agendas- we actually are card-carrying healthcare and behavioral health professionals.  We love what we do!

Meet the Crew


DeaDea Kropp: Co-Founder

Academic Stuff: KindergartenElementary, High School, Toccoa Falls College Bachelor of Arts- Counseling Skills

Work Experience Stuff: Counselor, ESL Instructor, Bed and Breakfast Owner, Mom

Stuff She Likes to Do:  Traversing through the Amazon, camping, biking, exercise, sleeping, playing with my kids, having adventures with my husband

If you had a robot what would you train it to do? Clean up after my husband.


DonnDonn Kropp: Co-Founder

Academic Stuff: Kindergarten, Elementary, Bachelor of Science in Nursing  from University of North Carolina- Charlotte, Masters in Healthcare Leadership from University of California, Davis

Work Experience Stuff: ER/Trauma Nurse, Psychiatric Nursing, Pain Management, Medical Consultant

Stuff He Likes to Do: Travel, read,  golf, exercise, eating, having adventures with my wife

If you had a robot what would you train it to do? Give me daily deep tissue shiatsu massages.


NeilNeil Louwrens, MD

Academic Stuff: Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MD), Certified in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Treatment, NCQA Certified in Diabetes Care, Certificate of Physician Executive (CPE) candidate with American College of Physician Executives

Work Experience Stuff: Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Physician, Medical Director of Informatics

Stuff He Likes to Do: Innovate and collaborate, whilst whistling. Finding out how little I know from my kids.

If you had a robot what would you train it to do? I would train it to change diapers.


George ScriptureGeorge Scripture, LCSW

Academic Stuff: Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, BA Psychology from Simpson University, Master of Social Work from Sacramento State University

Work Experience Stuff: Children’s Protective Services Social Worker, Foster Care Social Worker, Private Clinical Social Work Practice

Stuff He Likes to Do: Hang out with my family, read, ride bikes, help people be the best they can be

If you had a robot what would you train it to do? Clean my house.


JonathanJonathan Hsieh: Digital Media Trailblazer

Academic Stuff: Kindergarten, Elementary, Bachelor of Computer Science from University of Illinois

Work Experience Stuff: Everything technology, web design, marketing, and business development.

Stuff He Likes to Do: Ultimate frisbee, traveling, eating awesome food, grocery shopping with my wife…eating the free samples at Costco

If you had a robot what would you train it to do? Give my pregnant wife feet massages every night…so I don’t have to do them.