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What is Trauma?

What is Trauma

We recently released our course on Trauma-Informed Care. We’ve already gotten great feedback on it. We want to take a few blog posts to explore Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care. Let’s Start with talking about; Trauma, Types of Trauma, and Trauma Prevalence. What is Trauma? The American Psychological Association narrowly defines trauma as exposure to actual or threatened death, […]

Healthcare Beauty?


The words “beauty” and “healthcare” are not usually used in the same sentence. When we think of beauty, we think of an idyllic field of wildflowers, a gorgeous sunset, or a painting by Monet. What does beauty have to do with healthcare?  Healthcare is messy, bloody, and filled with red tape, litigation, and stress. However, […]

Life & Death is in Our Hands


Our hands were meant to bring life and not death. Tens of thousands of people die each year because we aren’t washing our hands. Life and death is literally within our hands. The importance of handwashing can’t be overstated. We must all do our part so that we can protect others and ourselves from infection, […]

Sturdy Foundation

When I am not working I like very pointy and uncomfortable shoes. Yes, my vanity trumps comfort-guilty as charged. However, when working 12 hour shifts on my feet I have to be a little bit more utilitarian and smart. Over the course of my decade working in emergency rooms and trauma centers it was absolutely essential […]

Why Man Hole Covers Are Round

Have you ever wondered why man hole covers are round? They are round for a specific reason. Before you Google the answer, take a few minutes to think about why this might be. The shape of the cover provides a fail-proof safety mechanism. In my job I strive to institute safe and effective practices and […]