Mastering Effective Communication

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After completion of this course on Effective Communication  you will receive 1 Continuing Education Unit/Contact Hour
Is this course for me? This course is for RNs, LVNs and Psych Techs

Course Synopsis:

The need to communicate with our fellow human beings is necessary, unless of course, you’re a hermit. But good communication can be tricky. Communicating well involves understanding the fundamental skills of effective communication and some practice. Research evidence indicates strong correlation between a healthcare provider’s communication skills and a patient’s capacity to follow through with medical recommendations, self-manage a chronic medical condition, and adopt preventive health behaviors. Additionally, effective communication in healthcare and human services settings increases patient satisfaction, patient safety, team satisfaction and lowers malpractice risk. In this course, Danny Silk, MSW will teach you how to be an effective communicator and encourage you to think of communication as more than an attempt to be right or in control. When we seek to understand, we change the dynamic from fear and anxiety to connection and unity.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Understand that Communication is a system of connections that can have many pitfalls
  • Recognize that Communication styles can either increase or decrease anxiety
  • Be able to list the 4 types of Communication Styles
  • Understand and value the use of “I” messages as an important component of communication

About Your Instructor:

Effective Communication Course

Danny Silk, MSW

Danny Silk, MSW is a teacher, speaker, counselor, and author. His passion in life is to help individuals, families, and companies develop healthy interpersonal connections.

Course Approvals

This course is approved by the following governing boards & organizations:

  • CA Board of Registered Nursing: CA Provider # CEP 15849
  • District of Columbia Board of Nursing: CE Provider #50-14108
  • California Board of Vocational Nursing Provider # V10810
  • Psychiatric Technicians Provider # V10806


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Use of “I” Messages

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